Working together as Family, Hamid Khobreh& Arman Khobreh are two passionate individuals working to elevate your real estate experience. You need a marketing expert, not just another agent. We are a sophisticated team with past building experience giving us an upper hand in understanding homes structure and its fabrication. We're also tech savvy and we run a channel on social media @Dealtor where we provide tips for buyers/sellers & more information on mindset helping you to be the best version of yourself. With years of sales experience in different fields we are your go to when it comes to buying, selling or renting.

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We are more than just realtors helping you buy or sell, we are a growing community here to provide a life-changing experience. With a focus on unique techniques that are at the leading edge of the latest technology and creating an experience that you'll be eager to share with others, we are here to flip the industry upside down and create new standards of execution and results.